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What Is Medicare Part B, Do I Need Medicare Part B If I Have Other Insurance? How and When Should I Enroll In a Medicare Part B Plan?

What is Medicare Part B, how do I apply for it, and how does it work? Applying for Medicare Part B and qualifying for Medicare Part B will help you get the ancillary services that you need from a doctor or medical clinic. There are many things that Medicare Part B can do for you, but you might not have even realized that it existed.

We hear so much about Plan D that we never know anything about enrollment for Medicare Part B, and we need to learn these things. You will get a lot of extra services out of Part B once you know what it can do for you.

What Does Medicare Part B Cover?

People qualifying for Medicare Part B will receive coverage for all of the following:

  • Home health care services including an in-home nurse or a nursing service that visits the home every day
  • Durable medical gear that must be used in the home which could include a hospital bed and all the gear that goes along with the bed.
  • Medical equipment that is portable and used every day including an oxygen pump or other machines that are used to make life easier
  • Mobility scooters for use with all people who have disabilities or amputations
  • Medical products that are used as medication in large doses
  • Transportation to and from any medical clinic or doctor’s office
  • Ambulance services used in emergencies for anyone on the plan
  • Life flight services used in the most extreme emergencies

You need to be sure that you have found a Medicare Part B plan when you apply. Applying for Medicare Part B is no different than any other part, and you need to be sure that you have looked over every option available to you so that you can get a plan that will pay for everything you need. Be sure to make a phone call to the call center if you have questions about qualifying for Medicare Part B. You may need someone to pick a plan for you.

Enrollment For Medicare Part B

You are applying for Medicare Part B at the same time you are applying for everything else, and you will need to match your part B to all the other things that you need medical wise. You can compare online, or you can call to have someone explain to you which plan they would suggest. The phone associates will know how to choose the right plans. They know how Plan B works, and they can explain how it will work with your other insurance. You might not have considered this at first, but you need to have a Medicare Part B plan that will work with your other insurance.

Do I Need Part B Medicare If I Have Other Insurance?

“Do I need Part B Medicare if I have other insurance,” is a very popular question because it allows people to mix and match the things that they need. Someone who is on a particular insurance plan after the age of 65 still qualifies for Part B because they can get the Part B services where a regular insurance company does not pay for a lot of these things. You need to ask the Medicare service center if they can give you an idea of what they would do in your situation, and they can explain how they would use the insurance plans to their advantage.

Special Circumstances For Carrying Only Part B

You have to see if you can get part B to cover things that other insurance plans will not cover. There are special rules that will allow you to carry just this part by itself after you turn 65, but you need to contact the call center to let them know what other sorts of insurance you have. Someone who does not have traditional insurance or only wants part B should be prepared to explain this part benefits them when they apply.

Qualifying For Medicare Part B

Everyone qualifies for Medicare Part B if they are already on Medicare. You are choosing this plan when you sign up because you likely need things like a scooter and other durable products. You might think that you will need something like a transportation service, and you can talk to the call center about which plan will give you what you need.

Why Some People sign up For Part B

However, there are times when you need Medicare Part B to cover the gaps in other insurance after you turn 65. This is most common with Tricare because it is used by military veterans long after they have retired. They can use Medicare Part B to get help with some of their needs, and they can use Tricare otherwise. You also must be sure that you have applied for Medicare Part B if you are someone who has applied as an exemption. There are many people with disabilities who will forget all about this because they are so happy to have insurance that will cover most of their traditional medical treatment. However, they cannot get all the coverage they need simply because they do not have part B.

Supplemental Insurance For Medicare Part B

You are already asking, what does Medicare part B cover, but there are times when it does not cover enough. You must have some foresight so that you can get Medicare Part B supplemental insurance. Most insurance companies have branded this type of insurance as Medigap, and it will pay out claims instantly in the event that you are responsible for parts of the bill. You can ask for the supplemental plan to kick in, and it will pay out because it already knows how much Medicare will cover. You spend a small amount of money on this plan when you are trying to protect yourself, and you will save money because you have chosen to use the supplemental plan instead of paying out of pocket.

How Are You Billed For Medicare Part B Services?Image result for medical bill illustration

Ambulances and durable medical equipment are hard to bill because they come from all these third party companies that you have never heard of. You never want to be surprised, and you should not be unaware of who is billing you for services. Medicare will take in all the claims on your account, and they will send you a list of all the things that they have paid out. The idea is to keep you informed, and they will let you know if you need to ask your supplemental insurance to kick in. These companies have to take your information when they offer services so that they can start the claims process. There are very few cases where you are asked to pay out of pocket only to be reimbursed later.

How Long Do Services Last?

You must change or update your Medicare Part B information every year, and you will find that you might need to change the services you use if you change plans. This is a very simple thing to do, but you need to read the list of companies that your part B provider will work with. You need to make these changes during the open enrollment period every year because that is the time when you can work out any additions you might need to make. The whole point of changing your part B provider is to get better coverage. You could compare coverage, and you must change companies for certain products. Other products can be transferred from one insurance plan to another.

You Must Learn Which Services Are Specifically CoveredImage result for ambulance illustration

There are specific services that are covered and/or not covered under each plan. You need to know if an ambulance trip from one hospital to another is covered because of the way that Medicare works, and you need to see if a particular oxygen tank or hospital bed is paid for. These are small things, but they can add up if they are nor covered. You need to be aware of what you are going to pay for yourself, and how much your Medigap will need to pay.

Check Online

You need to know what you are doing before you dive into the world of Medicare plans and coverage options. There are places where you can go to look for the online comparison charts, and you can even contact the carriers online if you have a question that needs answers. You will get onto part B, and you can get all the extra insurance coverage that you did not realize you needed.

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